This module provides a taskbar with AJAX blocks and periodical refresh regions where modules can send updates/status.

Taskbar, inspired from appbar, has a very flexible design so that many providers can coexist. Each provider in its turn can support multiple data sources.


Universal taskbar system for community websites

Taskbar it is a platform (instead of just a module) designed to be extensible.
- Appbar = a few blocks + one built-in notification system
- Taskbar = any number of any items (each item can be block, ajaxified blocks, notification system, ajax commands (for client/server interaction to manage any content in a web page), or much more, as it is designed to be extensible).

Real-time communication

Taskbar can be updated through:
- Pull: using periodical AJAX requests
- Push: using long polling. Normal long polling (using the current web server) is now available. Efficient long polling could be done with NodeJS, however it is not currently support (coming soon).

There are documentation and a showcase available in the handbook section. Don't hesitate to complete them.

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