Image depicting a Drupal block with an indented list of years and months.
Image depicting the TARDIS from Dr. Who.

The TARDIS is a module that allows users to go back in time and visit nodes from the past. You can see nodes per year and month, using a block that creates links automatically, and an optional page that displays node teasers filtered in the format YYYY/MM.

This module has plenty of options available:

  • Custom TARDIS address which can have more than one part, like
  • Choose between month numbers or names.
  • Custom link redirection (if you'd rather link the months in the TARDIS block to your view!)
  • Months can be displayed as a nested list, an accordion, or simple month/year titles.
  • And more!

Huh. So it's like an archive module?

Good question - glad you asked! The word "archive" is somewhat misleading, since users sometimes think it means "ability to create zipped files". Not this module: it's meant to create lists of nodes organised by year and month. That's why it's named after the real TARDIS from Dr. Who, which is a time machine.

(Trivia: The name TARDIS means "Time And Relative Dimensions In Space".)

But you can do that with Views. Easy-peasy.

No, you can't. Views leaves you stuck with something like Pffft. Not very good SEO (Also, try reading that fumbled sequence of digits).

Not only that, but it was really hard to create a list of years and months with links to nodes... Until now.

Ok, so why not name it something like "Monthly archive by node title"?

Boooring. And nearsighted: in the near future, the TARDIS will be much more precise, giving you the ability to travel to a specific fortnight or week.

Also, unlike vanilla archive modules, the TARDIS is able to visit the future!

No, it's not. I haven't created any nodes yet!

Well, of course. The TARDIS module can't visit the future of your website - that belongs to you! But I did visit the future of the TARDIS module itself and fetched a nice list of amazing features... check it out below.


  • Internationalization integration for visiting nodes anywhere in time and space! done!
  • Date integration: For filtering any date field, not just node published dates. done!
  • Token integration: So you can customise month links and page titles to your liking. done!
  • Ability to create multiple blocks and/or pages. done! Look in version 2.
  • Display suite integration: For displaying nodes using any view mode, not just teasers. done! (Technically you don't need DS unless you want to create view modes but anyway)
  • Entity integration: So you can fetch not only nodes, but users, comments, you name it!
  • Custom pager based on months and years.
  • Filter nodes weekly and bi-weekly.
  • Views integration: month and year contextual filters. Tricky business.

It's a pretty dauting feature list, but I'll make it happen!

The TARDIS module is both my helping hand to those who just can't set up YYYY/MM structures in Drupal, and my long overdue thanks for the amazing community we have here in

So download the module, use it, and let me know what you think. :) Have a nice time travel!

Note: sonic screwdriver not included.

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