This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module allows site users to authenticate using Tivoli Access Manager (TAM), when a user visits user/tamauth and they have the appropriate headers in their request. When a user visits the TAM url they will be authenticated and have their roles synced from the headers to Drupal.

All configuration variables must be set in the $conf array in your settings.php. An admin user interface _may_ be added in the future. A patch that implements this will be welcome.

Configuration Variables

  • tamauth_map_roles
    An array that maps TAM roles to drupal roles.
  • tamauth_redirect - default: admin
    The URL users are redirected to after successfully authenticating.
  • tam_field_mappings - default: none
    Mapping of HTTP headers to user fields.

Important Security Information

This module assumes that all TAM headers are legitimate. It is not recommended to use this module on a public website - it is designed for internal user access. If you must use this module with a mixed authentication scheme, you should use Apache's mod_headers to strip headers, LocationMatch to limit access to the TAM URL or some other mechanism to control access to the URL.

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