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Talkinator is a service that provides free, no-signup, no registration group discussion rooms. Talkinator™ is property of ManyBrain, Inc. Visit to learn more about Talkinator.

Drupal Integration

Talkinator module integrates Talkinator with Drupal and aims to provide the easiest chat solution for Drupal.


  • Talkinator widget can be embedded
    • In a block (e.g. sidebar)
    • In a page (main content area)
  • Drupal usernames in Talkinator chat (optional)
  • Easy to setup - no configuration required
    • Default chat room name is automatically generated
    • Server is automatically selected (least busy server)
  • A module settings page for configuring
    • Chat room name
    • Server name (automatic or selected from the list)
    • Bad word filter (on/off)
    • Drupal usernames (on/off)
    • Widget appearance (width, height, color and border)


  • None



Project Information

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  • Downloads: 1,199
  • Last modified: 28 November 2014
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