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Take Control is a set of set of modules for Drupal for managing various administrative tasks particularly related to the file system. Beginning with version 2.0, the module has been refactored into a core/add-on architecture, where a core module take_control provides common routines and settings, whereas the bulk of front-end user interaction comes from add-on modules (e.g. file browser etc).

Currently, there are 2 add-on modules: file-browser, and quick-permissions.

1) File Browser: A complete File Browser/File Manager for Drupal. Allows you to manage your Drupal file-system directly through Drupal without needing FTP or your Hosting Control Panel access.

2) Quick Permissions: Many Drupal administrators are troubled by the: Drupal_Security_Do_Not_Remove_See_SA_2006_006
directive in Drupal file-system root's .htaccess file that effectively prevents write access to the file-system folder outside Drupal.
This module allows you to take control of the file-system folder by specifying custom permissions on it from Drupal. Additionally, you can specify custom permission / delete any directory/file owned by Drupal using this module.

Effectively, the take_control module together with its add-ons allows you to take complete control of your Drupal installation in general, and the file-system folder in particular, both from within as well as from outside Drupal.

Please take care to manipulate only those directories/files through these modules that are owned by Drupal (i.e. created by Drupal itself).
Otherwise, the actions might not take effect (depending upon permissions) and might log a entry in your Site Log.

Please consult README.txt for details, and instructions for installation of this module. There are some additional steps than a normal Drupal module install.
A video for installation instructions is also available at:

Extra icon-sets for File Browser together with instructions to use them are available at:

An online demo for this module is now available here.

Please note that both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 versions of this module use ExtJs 3. The module would work with any version of ExtJs 3.x but would not work with ExtJs 4.x.

Please help test the Drupal 7 branch of this module.

This project was originally created for my personal website: http://www.rahulsingla.com

This module (including the Drupal 7 port) is sponsored by Imbibe Technologies Pvt Ltd.:

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