This module was originally suggested by Nedjo Rogers on http://groups.drupal.org/node/100179. The group discussion page gathered much attention at the time, but little unification actually resulted from the discussions. I felt the concepts discussed were a good idea, and that the Autotag module would benefit from them.


The Tag module provides two basic components:

  • A mechanism to suggest tags for an entity being saved. Modules wanting to provide tag suggestions should implement hook_tag_suggestion_info() - see tag.api.php
  • A mechanism to do something with the tags suggested by each "suggestion" module. A module wanting to react to changes in tags (e.g. provide a user interface), should implement hook_tag_ui_info() - again, see tag.api.php

A basic "Tag-on-save" module is included with the Tag API module. This module provides the basic functionality of adding ALL tags suggested by a suggestion module when an entity is saved. This, along with the 7.x-3.0 branch of the Autotag module should serve as examples to get started with the Tag API.


  • The Tag module currently only works with the Node entity type, although it could easily be altered to work with any entity type. If somebody is keen to get this working with other entities, I'd certainly accept help/patches.

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