Tableform Example

Tableform provides a new tableform form element that can be used to easily render FAPI elements within a table layout; similar to the native tableselect element, but with much more control. See bundled tableform_example.module for an example implementation.

7.x-1.2 Release

As of 7.x-1.2, tableform supports new field names for table header and rows; these field names are '#tf_header' and '#tf_rows,' respectively. These were added due to a naming conflict I encountered when using the tableform module with a custom widget for taxonomy fields - the problem came to light during form validation, where the core FAPI tried to validate tableform '#options' like regular options found in checkboxes and select lists. The previously used '#header' and '#options' fields can still be used (for backwards compatibility), but all modules using the tableform element should migrate to the new field names.


Initial module development sponsored by ImageX Media. Maintenance and ongoing development sponsored by Yuriy Babenko.

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