drush dumpdb (part one)
drush dumpdb (part two)
drush syncdb (part one)
drush syncdb (part one)

This project is maintained at GitHub as it is Drupal version agnostic.

This project implements two Drush commands to export and import large databases.

By splitting tables into separate files and importing them in parallel we can reduce the overall processing time considerably.

Here is a description of each command:

  • drush dumpdb will dump database tables into the temporary directory of the current environment..
  • drush syncdb @example.dev will download sql files from @example.dev and install them in the current environment.
  • drush importdb --dump-dir=/foo/bar will import all *.sql files from /foo/bar using the same method as syncdb.

It is highly recommended you install Gnu Parallel.

This command has been tested with MySQL only.

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