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SWFObject Filter module automatically loads the SWFObject script into the head of the page if it's needed.

About SWFObject

SWFObject 2 offers multiple standards-friendly methods to embed SWF files into web pages. It uses JavaScript to detect Flash Player and avoid broken SWF content, and is designed to make embedding SWFs as easy as possible. It supports the use of alternative content to display content to people that browse the web without plug-ins, to help search engines index your content, or to point visitors to the Flash Player download page. SWFObject 2 detection is future-proof, includes Adobe Express Install, and offers an elaborate API for JavaScript developers. All of this is powered by one small (under 10K) JavaScript file.

For extra efficiency the SWFObject script is loaded from Google Code, which means one less hit on your server per page load. Additionally if the visitor has already been to a site that linked to the script on Google Code they may have it in their browser cache, thereby reducing the load time of the page.


SWFObject Filter module is an input filter which detects a specific string and triggers the inclusion of the SWFObject script in the head of the page. Be sure to look at the README.txt for usage instructions and an example.

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