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Thanks to community member chok for an initial patch to start the ball rolling on a Drupal 6 version.

The SWFAddress module provides integration with the open-source SWFAddress library by Asual, as well as SWFObject.

This allows you to build full Flash experience sites with support for deep-linking and browser history while still maintaining a full HTML version for screen readers, search engines, and other non-traditional browsers. If you are building Flash sites on top of Drupal, you will probably also want to check out the Services and AMFPHP modules. To learn a little more about how you would start to build such a site, take a look at our presentation (with slides included) from the 2008 Boston DrupalCon.

IMPORTANT: To install the 1.x releases of this module, you must download two other libraries:

  1. The SWFObject 2.x library is now recommended: the project page is at and the download page is at
  2. The SWFAddress 2.4 "core scripts only" download from

If you do not install these two libraries, the SWFAddress module will not work, and you'll see warnings in your site's status report.

The SWFAddress module allows you to do the following at this time:

  • Enable or disable SWFAddress url rewriting and SWFObject HTML replacement for users who have JavaScript and the appropriate Flash version
  • Specify a list of excluded paths, so that SWFObject will not activate on certain paths, such as your administration page
  • Alternately specify a list of included paths, so that SWFObject will only activate on paths you choose.
  • Specify all of the parameters for the SWF to be embedded (path to SWF, HTML ID for EMBED / OBJECT, height, width, flash version required and background color.)
  • Theme the SWFObject output to add anything else you want, including FlashVars or extra params.
  • Specify which HTML ID SWFObject will replace with the SWF
  • Specify whether SWFAddress will send your SWF aliased paths or system paths

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