The swekey is a low cost but highly secure USB authentication USB key.

This module enables swekey hardware authentication in drupal for users and administartors.

How it works

This module adds a little key logo at the right of the 'username' input box of the login form. When the key is gray it means that there is no swekey plugged, if it turns green a swekey is detected.

The first time a user will plug its swekey in its computer while he his logged an alert will popup asking him to attach the plugged swekey to his account.

If the user confirms, the swekey is attached to the account.

Once a swekey is attached to an account the following features will be available:

  • When your swekey is plugged the login dialog will automatically fill the 'username' input box.
  • You won't be able to login without the swekey plugged.
  • If you unplug your swekey while you are logged, you are automatically logged out.
  • You can detach the swekey from your account in your profile.

Administrators can attach/detach swekeys to/from a user account using the user settings dialog.


Tha latest stable build of the swekey module is available bor both 6.x and 7.x

External Links

Swekey Home,
Sample Drupal site using Swekey,
Swekey Developer Home

Donation to Drupal project

The little key logo next to the 'username' input box is a link the swekey home site.
Every swekey purchased from this link will generate a $1 donation to the Drupal project.

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