This module is an add-on to the Support Ticketing system module.

It allows an administrator to define custom CCK-fields to the STS content type (support_ticket) and then control which fields to display for which Client.

You could for example have a Product support Client with fields for customer number and Product. In another client you might want to specify other fields that allows the user to enter information that you think is necessary to give the user the best possible support.

- Drupal 6.x
- support.module (
- content.module (

See the documentation for more details on how to install and get started.

It seems that the latest Support module 6.x-1.8 release has changed some things that this module was using. That means that this module is not compatible with Support 6.x-1.8 at the moment. Please see this issue for more details #1366058: Fields no longer visible with Support Ticketing 6.x-1.8. I will work on a patch as soon as I can, any help is appreciated.

There seems to be a compatibility issue with the Prepoulate module that unfortunately I cannot fix at the moment. See #1182926: Compatibility with Prepopulate Module

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