This module creates an 'all tickets, all clients' dashboard page for the Support module.

The display mirrors the default displays added by the Support module's ticket list pages.


Plans exist to implement more 'tabs' for the page including 'per client' filtered tabs with a view to potentially offering a complete replacement for the default support module UI.

Plans also exist to add a settings screen to control the sort orders (which are currently the same as the Support Module's) and to configure the path.

This module does not currently respect some of the built in permissions in the Support module.


Enable the module, the module adds the page to /support_dashboard. Ensure you grant the associated 'access support dashboard' permission as appropriate.


Development is currently sponsored by MJCO Limited.

MJCO Limited

Other Support Addon Modules

  • Support Timer, implements a time tracker for the ticketing system, optionally supports billing rates and time planning.
  • Support Views, exposes support tickets to the Views module. Also maintained by MJCO
  • Support Bot, report on support tickets in IRC via bot integration.
  • Support Fields, define additional per-client support ticket fields with CCK
  • Support Token, integrate with tokens Also maintained by MJCO
  • Support Deadline, allows you to add a "due date" to tickets.
  • Support Nag, can send regular reminders about open tickets, and can automatically close issues after a period of time.
  • Support SMS, can send details about open support tickets as SMS messages to cell phones and pagers.

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