*** There are Drupal 8 version requests, unfortunately I do not have plan for that at the moment. Anyone who is interested in it, please let me know.

This module makes it easy to implement Supersized JQuery plugin into Drupal system. All available Supersized settings are configurable by UI.

In Drupal language...

A field type "Supersized Slide" comes with this module, and obviously, Supersized background slides are managed by fields of node.

  1. Add a "Supersized Slide" field to any content type. In most of the cases, this would be a multiple value field.
  2. Configure the Supersized options such as transition, interval, etc...
  3. Create a new content and upload beautiful images using the Supersized field.
  4. Yes, there you go! Supersized is just that easy to setup.

Important, make sure your background is transparent, otherwise you will not see the background images by Supersized at all.


  • All Supersized options are configurable by UI.
  • Supersized options can be per field or per node.
  • Context support. Say there is a non-node page that you want to have Supersized on it. You can use this context reaction to assign a node with Supersized based on any Context condition. i.e. a path condition with values of '<front>'.
  • All components are wrapped by theme functions to support full creative flexibilities.
  • Able to disable Supersized if Browscap is installed.
  • Overlay texture are provided , and a hook to add custom patterns is available.


Download all dependencies and Supersized jQuery plugin from:
* This is not the official release, however, this branch provide an "after slide" JS callback which is going to maximize your creativities.

  1. Decompress the downloaded file, rename it to "supersized" and place it in the the libraries folder such as sites/all/libraries.

    * Important * There might be a little bit confuse in the README file. Make sure you are placing the whole folder in your library as it is.
  2. Install this module as usual, and enabled Supersized.
  3. (Optional) Enable Supersized context, which allow you to assign content with Supersized under any context condition.

* Please note that Libraries 2 is required.

Please read README.txt for more detail including theming instruction.

On non-node page

A suggestion for anyone who wants to have a default supersized background on every pages unless something specific defined.

  1. Make sure Supersized, and Supersized Context modules are enabled.
  2. Create a node type with supersized field.
  3. Create a node and upload your awesome pictures.
  4. Got to Context UI page, create a new context.
  5. Add Supersized condition, and make sure 'Active if no Supersized assigned either in the node or by context.' is check.
  6. Add path condition, with the following values.
  7. Add a Supersized reaction, and select the node you recreated.
  8. Save this context.

The path list may not be completed, feel free to add what is missing. Have fun!

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