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Super Nav

Important! I have released a new module called Navigate based off of the ideas behind Super Nav, with some marked improvements and structural changes which should eliminate some of the compatibility issues several people have been having with Super Nav. Some of the changes include:

  • No frameset: Probably the biggest issue with Super Nav with the use of a frameset to separate navigation from the theme. I learned a lot of about what Javascript can and can't do with framesets, and due to a couple of limitations here, it caused more problems for users than I would have liked.
  • Widget-based: Functionality is extended by widget modules, and multiple instances of each widget can be used simultaneously. That means you can have 3 search widgets and 5 favorites widgets if you want.
  • Widget API: Widgets use a common API so extending functionality can be accomplished by contributed widget modules.
  • Lots of other stuff: Improved interface, cooler design, better hiding for users that don't want to use it, widget caching, widget drag-n-drop sorting... and more, of course.

Because of these improvements, I'm suggesting that users of Super Nav switch over to Navigate. The only thing more difficult about installing Navigate is that it has a single dependency on the Jquery Update module.

I am considering Navigate to be version 2 of Super Nav, and will support it as such. I will likely not be making any improvements or additional fixes for this version of Super Nav. However, if people choose to continue using this module, please help your fellow Super Nav users by contributing patches for any fixes you make.


Benefits of Super Nav's Drupal Productivity Tool

  • See the video demo here!
  • Separates site administration from the theme! It even pulls out the local tasks from the page and drops them into the nav (totally optional, by the way). This means you don't need to accommodate for administrative menus in your template, saving you endless headaches! And we're just getting started...
  • The navigation is framed, so your state in the navigation is saved every time you visit a page. No more having to fish around for the link you just clicked!
  • Search your navigation! That's right, search your navigation with a simple, ajax-sexy tool. Great if you know what you want but don't want to dig around.
  • Search your nodes! That's right, find the node you want by typing a few letters and pressing enter. Searches are live, so you don't have to wait for the search cron to run. You can also specify types to search in.
  • Installation is really, really easy, and there are no module dependencies. Just install, and you'll see the Super Nav right away!
  • Bookmarks! Simple bookmarks help you keep track of your most used pages. You set the title, the ordering, and if you don't like them, just click the delete button!
  • Saved History! Easily browse to where you just were.
  • Your navigation state is saved! If you have something expanded in the main nav when you log out, it will be just that way the next time you log in.
  • Supernav uses frames, but without the frame pain. The title in your browser refreshes for each page you visit. Refresh the right frame with a click, or add it's URL to your clipboard.
  • Only load the full navigation once! No need to do it on every page, saving you loading time and server resources.
  • Perfect for non-expert users! Have clients that like your work but hate using Drupal? The biggest reason is probably that it's too hard to get around. Just slap on some Super Nav and they'll be able to find what they need. You can even set up some pre-added bookmarks so they have a head start and you don't have to spend as much time hand-holding.
  • Brand-able! We added a groovy graphic at the top of Super Nav, but you can have whatever you want up there to brand it for your company or client. Just add your code in the Supernav settings page. You can even edit the help text. No one will ever know you didn't build it!
  • Style based icons and background, so you can give it your own look and feel.

Update 9/1/08

I have been very busy with other projects, and have not been able to keep up on the Supernav issue queue. I will tackle the queues as soon as I can grab the extra time. Thanks for your patience!

April 24th - A few updates in Drupal 5 dev version

The Drupal 5 dev version includes some fixes and a couple features slotted for the next release. I'd like it to get some testing in before I package it as a new resease. The fixes / features include:

  1. Fixed path issues (hopefully for good this time) with images and ajax pages when clean URLs are disabled
  2. Added address bar. Now, instead of just seeing the URL (when enabled in your settings), you can click it and change the address of the content frame.
  3. Added a few extra shortcuts: SPACE+H to show/hide the navigation, SPACE+B to open bookmark dialog.
  4. Paths are portible: bookmarks and history are now relative URLs rather than absolute, so you don't have to re-create them on each upload / download
  5. Added ability to add bookmarks to all members of a particular role
  6. Set your default menu in Navigation (also add menu IDs to menu items to find the menu ID you're looking for)
  7. Fixed issue with the jQuery .css function when using forced css and js refreshing
  8. Added ability to set selector for removing local navigation.

If anyone wants to contribute translations, please do!

March 30th - First Official Release!

The first official release is ready for download. Enjoy!

What some user are saying about Super Nav

"This module looks great! ... Keep up the great work!!" - jjeff

"This module is so bad ass that I almost wept when I tested it. Thanks for all your hard work." - Zach Harkey

"Super Nav looks like the most useful Admin-related module ever. It has all the features and slickness one could imagine" - ardee

"I'm investing a lot of time and effort into familiarizing myself with this module. It's a breath of fresh air." - mxgfx

"First of all, great module! looks great and works amazingly!" - AndyDev

"Thanks for the great module" - nekobul

"I use this most of the time now. Thanks! ... Thanks for this awesome tool!" - JamesAmI

"Really beautiful module!" - Jay Daverth

Some comparable or compatible Drupal productivity modules

SimpleMenu: Simplemenu attempts to separate out administrative navigation by creating a full DHTML drop-down menu across the top of the page. I have loved this module since I started working with Drupal, and I built Super Nav as a high-powered alternative that adds some additional utilities, and doesn't affect the theme at all.

Teleport: A nice quick-launcher, like Quicksliver (Mac) or Launchy (Win). Use a hotkey, and a search is opened up in the center of the screen. Search for navigation, taxonomy or nodes, click on a matching link, and you're there. I would like to get a tool like this integrated with Super Nav at some point.

DHTML Menu: Makes the navigation expandable without having to refreshing the page. You would use this if you wanted to integrate full, expandable navigation with your theme. You can use this in tandem with Super Nav if you want to use Super Nav for administration, since DHTML Menu would be visible to all visitors and is a block. There are several nice things about this module.

Activemenu (in Javascript Tools): Similar to DHTML Menu, except for a couple items: 1) The entire menu is NOT loaded for every page, rather menus are rendered on-demand with AJAX, and 2) The default bullets are replaced with a plus / minus icon. Again, good if you want to integrate more dynamic menu traversing in your navigation block.

IMPORTANT: For Drupal 5, the 5.x-1.x-dev version is the most stable. I'm waiting a couple weeks before committing the latest changes to a new official release, to make sure there's no (or fewer) bugs.

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