This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is abandoned due to a security issue the maintainer never fixed. See SA-2012-006 for details.

If you want to use this module, your options are:

SuperCron is a complete replacement for Drupal's built-in Cron functionality. It allows you to:

  1. See the list of all Cron hooks found in the enabled modules
  2. Change the order in which cron hooks are called
  3. Disable certain hooks
  4. Run the tasks you choose in parallel, so that cron tasks will be executed all at once rather than one after the other
  5. Identify the exceptions raised by individual hooks
  6. Call hooks individually on demand (great for identifying problems)
  7. Keep executing cron hooks that follow an exception, limiting the damage to only one module
  8. Measure the time it takes for a cron hook to execute (we display the last call timings and the average timings)
  9. Capture any output generated by the hooks
  10. Change the way Cron behaves when the site is under load (this optional feature requires Throttle to be enabled)
  11. Limit the IP addresses that may be allowed to call your cron scripts

The project is sponsored by 63reasons We are available for custom work.

Try out 2.0 !

This is a major, major release for SuperCron; the whole 63reasons team put a lot of effort into making this *the* cron tool for Drupal. Here's what you get:

  1. The interface is now completely refreshed by AJAX, so you can see your cron tasks executing in real time
  2. You can now schedule cron calls independently so that, for example, the Update cron hook is only invoked on Mondays ! (if you previously used Elysia Cron, SuperCron will keep your settings as you upgrade)
  3. There is a new safety mechanism that will still let cron run if your cron daemon dies !
  4. You can get an RSS feed of your errors to keep track of the health of one or more sites
  5. Our new Autocron feature is a built-in replacement for Poormanscron for those without a crontab service; this allows us to serve you better without having to coordinate fixes across modules
  6. There is now a whole page dedicated to helping you install and configure your own crontab settings
  7. Your crontab can now execute individual cron tasks independently of the other ones
  8. Interactive diagnostics tells you how to fix the configuration issues most often reported with SuperCron
  9. You can now put your supercron.php file anywhere you like, including below the web root, for the ultimate in DDOS safety !
  10. ... and tons of safety, convenience and performance enhancements.

Pls. let us know your experience with 2.0 soon, so that we can release it knowing that everyone is thrilled with it.

Refactoring Completed

The 2.x feature set has been refactored, but still requires some testing from a variety of environments. We are using a new approach for code organization that will let us use the same core code for D6 and D7, which will help with simultaneous maintenance going forward. The new approach also takes us away from using features in D6 (out of order bootstrap execution) which have caused a lot of issues with the first release. The resulting code is easier to read, easier to maintain, portable, more compact and faster. Not a bad outcome at all.

2.0 is really 2.0 beta. Please help us test it from top to bottom (on development or test sites, not in prod). When it is perfect we'll make it the recommended update.

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