This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


The Sign-Up Problem is a phenomenon where visitors want to contribute content on a website but do not register (and thus do not contribute) because they do not want to fill out the registration form.

This module allows anonymous users to begin creating content immediately, without registering (if they have permission to do so). Once they get engaged on the site, they are more likely to register, at which point all of the posts they created while anonymous will be transferred to their new authenticated user account.


Right now, this module keeps track of what nodes and comments are posted by anonymous users, and makes sure those nodes and comments maintain the same ownership even when the creator registers. It also provides pseudo-profile pages for each anonymous user that has created content.

Node/comment ownership for anonymous users is tracked using the session cookie, so ownership will be lost when the session expires or if cookies are cleared. To alleviate this issue, you can increase session length by increasing the value of session.cookie_lifetime in your site's settings.php file.


Rough spots

This module is definitely not ready for production. It has not been heavily tested. To do:

  • Figure out how to react when a different user edits content created by an anonymous user.
  • Link anonymous user names to their profile page.
  • Add a button for admin to block anonymous user profile pages.
  • Show the user's name instead of "anonymous" on nodes
  • Add a setting to allow mapping "name" to a field other than "username" on the registration form.
  • Fix silent updating in sup_user() (essentially, not all data gets transferred when the user registers).
  • Anonymous users going to user/anon should see their specific user page.
  • Add a call to action (at least on the anonymous profile page) for anonymous users to register to permanently claim their content.

Future features

Please don't open issues for any of these items unless you have a patch to contribute.

  • Add Views integration.
  • Support Gravatar.
  • Support Userpoints.
  • Support User Badges.
  • Support Facebook-style Statuses suite.

Drupal 7 port

A Drupal 7 port by the original maintainer is unlikely. If someone else would like to do the port, I'll give them maintainer access. There may also be ways to achieve the same result using other modules. Please see #1005864: Drupal 7 port? for details and alternative approaches to achieving the same functionality.

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