Here's an idea of the kind of tools that are available.

This is a simple module that makes it easy to use the tools on your Drupal site by putting the HTML script tag into the head of the site for you.
I have also set it up to not show on admin pages to reduce any possible annoyance.

Setup is easy:

  1. Install the module like you would normally
  2. Go to and retrieve the data-sumo-site-id string from the HTML code for Standard sites. Note: I plan on bugging them to add a section on the instructions page for Drupal that will just show the site id.
  3. Go to the configuration page for the module at admin/config/services/sumome and enter the site id string and save.
  4. visit any non-admin page, find the little badge thingy on the side of the page, register or sign in to your SumoMe account, pick your apps and settings for them
  5. profit! ;-)

Drupal 8
I pledge that SumoMe Tools will have a full Drupal 8 release before then end of 2017!

Project information