This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The subversion module is a SVN client for your drupal website. It will allow you to update, diff, and check the status of your working copies.

6.x-3.x Roadmap

  • Define Checkouts (Working Copies)
  • Perform svn actions on that checkout:
    • Update checkout: You can update to latest revision or pick a revision to go to
    • Diff checkout against revision or a different checkout (comparing trunk to a tag)
    • Show checkout details
    • Show checkout Log
    • Roll back to revision
    • View current revisions of checkout compared to revision of repository.
    • Fine tuned permissions for each action

7.x-3.x Roadmap

The main development will be built in 6.x and ported to 7.x when first production release is created


A legacy version that lets you track Subversion commit messages among other things.
This version is no longer supported. The original developer recommends using Version Control instead.

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