Submenu Tree provides a method for structuring content hierarchically. For content which has a menu link, Submenu Tree display a list of content which is at the same level or below the content in the menu.

Content that at the same level as a selected piece of content is referred to as "sibling" content while content that is below a selected piece of content is referred to as "sub" content.

Lists of sub or sibling content can be displayed either in a block or directly inside of the body of a piece of content. Lists can be formatted in six different ways:

  • Menu
  • Titles only
  • Teasers
  • Teasers with links
  • Full text
  • Full text with links

Submenu Tree also provides a block of "extended" links. Extended links are made up of all menu links in an administrator-selected menu that are two or more levels deep.


The Block and Menu modules included with Drupal are required in order to install Submenu Tree.


Submenu Tree can be installed via the standard Drupal installation process.

Common Use Cases

Consider using Submenu Tree if you are trying to accomplish any of the following:

  • You want to display all of the first level menu items in one location (such as in a navigation bar across the top of the site) and all of the second level menu items or lower to be displayed in another area (such as in a block on the site's sidebar).
  • You want to separate the site navigation into multiple levels and present the user with only one level at a time.
  • You require the functionality of the core Drupal Books module but find it too limiting or difficult to use.
  • All of your content is closely related. You want to display titles or teasers of content at the same level or below the current content.
  • You want to display full lists of content that are at the same level or below a piece of content and do not need the complexity of the Views module.

Related Modules

Submenu Tree attempts provides a a convenient and lightweight solution to the problem of organizing content hierarchically. A number of other modules also attempt to solve this problem:


Development of Submenu Tree is sponsored by ThinkLeft and the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.

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