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Sublime Text 2 with Drupal autocompletions.

Note: This functionality has been moved into the Sublime Package Management System by wbond and works on Sublime Text 2 & 3. Please install through that method rather than use this project.

Provides a new drush command which scans a project and creates a Sublime Text 2 autocompletion file. This allows completion of all Drupal core, contrib and custom functions with tab stop parameter completion.


Requires drush to be installed as well as PHP5.


Place the file in your ~/.drush/ directory.
The command works no matter which version of Drupal you have installed.


On the command line, navigate into your project's document root and run the drush command with:
drush sublime
drush sc
The command will create the completions file and Sublime Text 2 should pick it up immediately and start using it for completing your functions.


Basic testing on OS X shows the file is being created fine and autocompletion is working with Drupal functions as well as any contrib or custom functions.

This should be working fine on Linux machines but I'm led to understand that it doesn't work on Windows.

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