Theme screenshot.

Stumblr is a slick, clean Tumblr style Omega 4 sub-theme which is ideal for Microblogging photos and videos. It is distributed as an install profile with all non-visual functionality provided as features.


  • Omega 4 + SASS
  • Best practice profile + features installation
  • Minimal Design
  • Responsive layout
  • Fluid video embeds.

Utilized Modules:

  • Media (media, media_youtube, media_vimeo, media_internet_sources).
  • Views.
  • Wysiwyg.
  • Linked Field.

Theme Demo:


  • Download and extract the archive.
  • Complete the install steps. There is an install option to add sample content in order to quickly see the capabilities of the theme.

Stumblr was originally designed and built for Wordpress by ElevenMedia.
The Drupal theme is built, supported and sponsored by The Angry Cactus.
Angry Cactus is a team of specialist Drupal developers, available for hire on daily, weekly and monthly rates.

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