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1.0 Release Canidate 2 just released.
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This module integrates your Drupal users with your SteamSend Email Marketing Account.


  • StreamSend Lists Integration:
    • Select any number of StreamSend lists for Drupal users to be members of. Each selected list can be set to "pre-checked", "unchecked", or "automatic". For any lists set to "automatic" a new user that signs up or a user that updates their profile will automatically become a member of that list in StreamSend. If a list is set to "pre-checked" or "unchecked" those lists will appear as checkboxes on the user's account edit form or the register form. If a user is new and the list is set to "pre-checked" then the checkbox for that list will be "pre-checked" during registration.
  • StreamSend Field Integration:
    • By default you can integrate the drupal users email address and login name with fields in your StreamSend Audience. If you enable Drupal's "Profile" module, you will then be able to link any of those user profile fields directly to a field in your StreamSend Audience.
  • Other Configuration Options:
    • Set the name of the form list section where the list checkboxes appear
    • Set the "#weight" of the form list section to move it up or down your user form
    • Set the Time To Live for the caching of list membership information locally
    • Set the "Profile" category where your StreamSend List form section appears
  • Performance Considerations:
    • StreamsSend person id is cached locally:
      • Since the Streamsend API requires knowledge of the unique id of a particular subscriber in the StreamSend audience, these values are stored locally in the drupal database after the first time they are retrieved for a given email address.
    • Individual User List membership is temporarily cached locally:
      • User list membership data is cached locally to enable a form to be rendered more than once without having to make another trip to the StreamSend API. The length of time these records are cached can be customized in the module configuration.
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