This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Sticky Notes module adds the well known yellow sticky notes to a drupal site. They can be used to leave messages on individual pages of your site.

Sticky notes permit role based access control and the ability to attach notes to individual pages, page patterns like node/% or all pages at once. They are loaded, modified and deleted via javascript using the Modal Frames API.

Example use cases:

  • Project related communication between persons who work together on the creation of a drupal site
  • Admin generated usage hints for users
  • Personal notes for individual users

The current version uses Modal Frame API and the jQuery UI.

Development plans:

  • Make sticky notes more customizable (size of the sticky note, background color, ...)
  • Add translation template and some localisation files
  • Better styling, Help appreciated!

This module started in february 2010 and is still in developement. You are welcome to download the current dev and test it. If you have bug reports, suggestions or general remarks, please use the issue queue.

Project information