The Statistics Pro module creates statistics with aggregated data. The data is stored in a new table, which is updated with a cron run. This statistics module provides statistical results of nodes, comments and users. Aggregated statistical data from nodes, comments and users are stored even if the access log table or the watchdog table have been deleted. For presenting the data the Views module is used. When Statistics Pro detects the core Statistics module, the Charts and Graphs module or the Views Charts module it enables specific features dependent on each one of these modules like page visualization reports and graphs. This module is not a replacement for the core Statistics module but offers useful enhancements.


  • Customizable views
  • Aggregated values for nodes, changed nodes, nodes of a term, comments, new users, users online, page impressions, warnings and errors
  • Views 2 support
  • Drush support: implements the statspro command which provides command line access the the values above
  • Localization: English and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Advanced Help documentation
  • statistics about all watchdog levels.
  • "custom X days" period for extra flexibility.
  • support for path aggregated reports.
  • period definition support through URL for 'Overview' and 'Path aggregated' reports.
  • drush support for path aggregated reports with configurable periods.
  • period support in the following drush statspro command options: alert, comments, critical, emergency, error, nodes, path_aggregated, pi, sessions, ualert, ucritical, uemergency, uerror, upi, users, uwarning and warning.
  • exclusive Statistics Pro permissions.
  • core Statistics module optional.
  • graphs for overview page and path aggregated reports dependent on optional Charts and Graphs module.
  • graphs for comment, log, node, pi and user reports.


Version 6.x-2.0

Optional dependencies for version 6.x-2.0

The Statistics Advanced module should be used with Statistics Pro. See the Statistics core module bugs it fixes. And the Browscap module should be used with Statistics Advanced so regular traffic can be separated from webcrawlers traffic.


The Statistics Pro module is maintained by drupalshrek (as of February 2013), who performed the migration from the Drupal 6 version to Drupal 7. It was previously maintained by rsevero since 2010-05-25. It was created by mr3dblond.


You can see the issue queue.

The old home page (in german) is still available.

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