This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Stats provides an API for creation, calculation and storage of statistic values.

Basic features:

  • Central definition of Stats types via hook_stats_info()
  • instant calculation with stats_run()
  • Views implementation
  • Storage in different (custom) tables
  • Different default calculation modes like COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX
  • Extendible by more calculation and storage modes by custom callbacks (e.g. for possible memcache integration)
  • Functionality can be overriden by new stats-worker classes. (Default impementation: stats_default_worker)

Implemented contrib modules:

  • stats_queue - queue calculation of stats, ability to enter an execution time - (dependency on Drupal Queue)
  • stats_nodecount - counts nodes per user and per term.

The heavy-development source code is currently available on a github repository.

Contributed modules to use this API:

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