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I want to add sveral static pages to drupal. To be specific, for example,

    Hi there
    <a href="/node/add/this">Link</a>

No sidebars. No Drupal anything. Just a nice page with some words.

Front module provide a option " Allows for static content to be displayed to the screen as is. This method does not pass through Drupal's theming system. ", but it only work on front page.

I could not find a module, So I decide write this small module to do it.


1, Install static_page module.

2,Navigate to “admin/config/content/static_page”, Here choose which content type will be used as static page. You could add a dedicated content type, for example “Static page”, then use it. Make sure that your content type has a body field. This module use body field to store the whole source code of a HTML page.

3,Navigate to “node/add” page, choose the content type that selected on step 2, for example “node/add/ static_page”. Here you enter a title, then put the whole source code of a HTML page into drupal’s body field. Save it.

You will get a page exactly the same with your source code. This module help you bypass Drupal’s theme layer.

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