This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Statanus module adds uptime monitoring support to your site. As it's name suggests, Statanus is designed for fledgling administrators who are advancing their skills and want to monitor their site's uptime. When combined with a monitoring service, this module can help you receive notifications to your email address or mobile phone if your site goes down. (If your mobile phone and your Drupal site both go down at the same time, you may have bigger problems.)

When installed, the Statanus module adds a new page to your site which displays a simple "success" message. This page is displayed at (where "" is the domain name of your site) or (if your site isn't using Clean URLs), and this URL can be checked by a free or paid monitoring service.

There is no configuration for this module (although that may change in the future; see the accompanying TODO.txt) and it does very little on its own. Most of the configuration is done at a separate uptime monitoring service. See the accompanying README.txt for help on how to best use the Statanus module and for information about free and paid monitoring services.

This module was developed for Exaltation of Larks and its clients.

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