Star Rating is a simple module that provides star rating field and display formatter using Drupal 7's Field Type API.

Unlike Fivestar module and other voting/rating module, it supports neither end user voting nor nice AJAX interface. It is inteded for the rating only by the author of the article (node). Of course, you may be able to do this with Fivestar module and other voting/rating modules, but unlike most of them, it does not require other modules such as voting API module. It's born to be simple but good enough for those who want star rating only by authors.

For example, if you are creating a restaurant review web site and you want to add three 5 star ratings (food, price and service) with different icon type for each rating within a node, then this module would be the best match.


  • Very simple and no other modules required.
  • Utilizes Drupal 7's Field API.
  • Fully supports Views module.
  • Different icon type and color can be assigned for each field and each view mode.

    (Total 16 icon type x 8 colors = 128 different icons)

Please read the enclosed README.txt for more information.

Rating Info and Modules

This is no full rating module like the fivestar or rate module which use rating api. If you plan to let users vote in an advanced way you better use these modules. Starrating is a field Formatter that is able to output value selections as stars.
A simple example for the use of this module is if an autor creates a node and want to give it some rating. For example check out Top is using rate and the stars at the bottom use starrating.

Difference between 2.x and 1.x

In 2.x all custom fields that 1.x used are removed. Now the List integer is used to create the values for voring and a display formatter then displays the values as stars. This also means that it doesnt modify stuff in the database, it just displays the output as stars.
Be careful if you use 2.x because it currently will convert all your old starrating fields to interger lists that have the value 0 as a possible selection. Make a backup before you try this. You may remove the 0 value after the update.


marcoka from Hörbücher took over the maintainance. You can also see the module action here: The top display is using rate (if anyone asks). The rating display at the bottom with the multiple stars is made with this module.

Drupal 8

Demo video of the module is here

Supporting organizations: 
Ported to Drupal 8

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