Stager in action

This module is no longer unsupported and is now actively maintained! If you find any bug or would like to express your opinion about this module, simply post in the issue queue. Thanks :).

The Stager module makes it possible to create a staging version of your website where you can make any changes without affecting the live version. When you're done making changes in staging mode, you can sync all those changes back to the live site, including new uploaded files.

What you can or will be able to do with this module:

  • Sync a "static" website with new content, views, modules etc
  • Schedule a staging synchronization
  • Duplicate a site in no time and set that one live
  • Just experiment with new modules, themes etc.

Currently the most simple use case is possible: sync all changes from staging to live without activity on the live version.

You need to make a small change in settings.php in your $databases array to let the magic happen. All info about installation, cron setup and drush command are found in the README.txt.

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