This module allows for a way to support SSL proxies in a Drupal project.

How it works

It relies on a variable being set by the SSL proxy. The system only requires one to liaise with the System Operation staff so that the SSL proxy will be setting the chosen $_SERVER[] variable to the chosen value.

The module can be instructed with the right settings via administration interface (admin/settings/sslproxy in D6, and admin/config/sslproxy in D7).

Drupal 7

The Drupal 7 version of the module is a straight porting of the 6.x version. The latter has been fully tested and is currently running on production systems. I personally haven't had the chance to test the Drupal 7 version on production systems, though; however, the code is so simple that I reckoned it would be ok to just make a straight porting. Please, do file an issue if you find anything wrong with the 7.x code.


The original version of this module has been originally written by me for The Economist.

Project information

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