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SRU Metadata Preview of found item

This module enable integration with products implementing the SRU protocol for queries against DB, this standard was created by Library of Congress (US).

SRU is a standard XML-focused search protocol for Internet search queries, utilizing CQL (Contextual Query Language), a standard syntax for representing queries.

More information at SRU Home Page

Development sponsored by Intrallect Ltd and Anexus IT.

List of features

Module Configuration

  • Enable multi collection search with operator AND / OR
  • Schema Definition | Supported Dublin and Lom
  • SRU Server definition
  • Others SRU Server settings
  • Enable add SRU item to Content Types selected.

Sidebar (block) for SRU Search

  • Ajax request to IntraLibrary
  • Ajax Metadata Preview
  • Ajax Original resource Preview
  • Ajax Add to Content Type

Enable Translation file ( included only by Spanish)


1. Follow the usual module installation procedure [1] or use Drush [2].

[1] Installing contributed modules:
[2] Drush:

2. Download Modules dependencies [3] [4]
[3] CCK:
[4] Link:
[5] Shadowbox:

3. Enable SRU Client module and all dependencies

4. Configure SRU Client module at

4.1 Provider SRU Credentials like URL, Repository, Collection(s), Auth Token, etc
4.2 Enable what content types will be able to link with SRU Server

5. Enable shadowbox to be able for node/add/* and node/*/edit at on section "Page specific activation settings"


After install and configure SRU Client and all dependencies.

1. Enable SRU Client sidebar block for search

2. Enjoy it.

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