This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This module provides a block allowing users to spread the word about your website. Think of it as Forward module but as simple as it could be! The goal was to a have a simplier user experience than Forward. You can also check Tell a friend.

Since 6.x-1.4 mollom integration must be re-configured at the mollom level.

What it does?

User on your website gives a number of email adresses and his own. When user submit, each adresses (if valid) that was filled receive an email (that you can configure) from his friend advicing he/she to check the web page the sender was!

Additionnaly, a watchdog entrie is added logging who sent and who received.

Version 6.x-1.0 brings CAPTCHA & Mollom integration.

Differences with Tellafriend and Forward

  • User doesn't need to fill a message (action for spreading is faster)
  • Provides a block, which mean your not limited to node pages
  • Sent email contains the user current url, (same as forward but only for nodes a guess?, Tellafriend doesn't)
  • Submission of the form is proceed through Ajax when possible. If no JavaScript is present, then it will degrade gracefully.

This module is sponsored by Breek.

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