This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module's singular purpose is to redirect users immediately from a splash page (before they see it) when they don't need to see it anymore. It is a pretty small amount of code but I needed to use it on lots of sites. It is designed to work with javascript so the splash page can be fully cached without breaking any functionality. Do not use this module to create splash pages, you might want to use Front Page or Splash for that.

Current features:
- Admin settings UI supports one splash page
- Redirect anonymous users immediately after seeing the splash page x times (or never)
- Redirect logged in immediately after seeing the splash page x times (or never)
- Let users opt into always skipping the splash page

Features I'd like to see:
- Save view count/skip preference in database for logged in users instead of just cookie
- Admin interface for multiple splash pages. The code was written with this in mind, we just need an interface and a couple small changes

Any testing/documentation/code contributions are welcome.

Originally contributed by Sony Music

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