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D7 Version
This is a collection of useful spatial tools to process shapefiles.

Modules included are:

  • Spatial File - Provides an API for spatial file processing as well as a Geofield widget. A geocoder plugin will need to be built in here as well.
  • Spatial Shapefile - Plugin for processing ESRI shapefiles.
  • Spatial KML - Plugin for processing KML files

D7 Version depends on Og2ogr.

D6 Version
This is a motley collection of useful spatial tools created by Patrick Hayes of Geomemes Research

Modules included are:

  • Spatial Import - Provides a shapefile parser for Feeds and Table Wizard, allowing you to import nodes or tables from a shapefile. Integrates well with Geo and OpenLayers field types.
  • Spatial Widget - Provides a shapefile widget for Geo and OpenLayers field types. This allows you to have the user upload a shapefile instead of drawing on a map when editing nodes. Also provides shapefile / map combo widget.
  • Spatial Table - Allows easy creation of OpenLayers layers from tables in the database. I find this and Spatial Import to be a very useful combination. It means I can upload shapefiles using Feeds and Data, and then quickly make them a layer for OpenLayers. Also works well with geo_data tables.

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