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The spaces_node module builds on top of the Spaces module by turning nodes into spaces. Included with spaces is spaces_og (which turns an organic group into a space), spaces_user (which turns a user into a space), and spaces_taxonomy (which turns taxonomy terms into a space). The major piece that was missing was turning a node into a space. That is where spaces_node comes in.

Watch the spaces_node screencast demo

If you aren’t familiar with spaces, you may want to take the time to get to know it a little. It is essentially a way of creating areas of your site that have different settings than other parts of the site. Spaces_node simply allows you to have separate settings on a per node basis. Some of the types of settings you can have are variables and contexts.

Using spaces_node with context can be very powerful. To see it in action, watch this spaces_node demo video.

Requirements & recommendations

If you want to replicate what is happening in the video, you will either need the ginkgo theme or follow my instructions here.

In addition to moving blocks around, you could use spaces and designkit to set the theme colors or logos for a specific page or anything that spaces allows you to do.


This module is sponsored and developed by LevelTen Interactive. LevelTen provides digital strategy, agile Drupal web development and online marketing services.

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