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The Soundmanager2 module provides Drupal integration with the soundmanager2 library and contains three default player styles: inline player, page-player and ui360.

Recommended Modules


  1. Install the sondmanager2 module (and media module)
  2. Download the soundmanager2 library from
  3. Unzip the library to sites/all/libraries/soundmanager2 or a custom folder (you may configure this in the admin settings pages of soundmanager2 module.)

Media Module Integration

The version 7 release provides integration with Media field handlers.

  1. Activate media module,
  2. Add a media field to your content type and configure for audio files.
  3. In the content type display fields settings page, for Format select your preferred Soundmanager2 player. Then click the settings icon to configure settings for that player.

Known Issues

  • The version 7 release is still in beta, but stable enough for production sites. Please submit issues and assign to andyhawks.


If you want more formatters for players, have a look at


There is an option to show debug information. To see this, you should activate debug mode in the soundmanager2 admin page. Then, activate the block (sm2 debug).

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