This is a filter module to embed a SoundCloud track or set in your site using a simple tag.

Syntax: [soundcloud:URL]

You can set the default player look using filter settings.

Player parameters

  • width
  • height
  • show comments
  • auto play
  • show playcount
  • show artwork
  • player color (note: if the jQuery Colorpicker module is installed and enabled (, it's easier to pick a player color)

You can also override these parameters in the filter code.

HTML5 support

Support for the new HTML5 player has been added. (v2.2+)

WYSIWYG support

You can enable the SoundCloud filter button in WYSIWYG module's Buttons and plugins interface. Now it only supports TinyMCE javascript library, but in the future it will expand for the other WYSIWYG libraries.


[soundcloud: color=121212 showcomments=true autoplay=true]

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