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File listing


SMB Explorer module is AJAX based file manager module for Samba (Windows Network) shares.
Client part, samba stream, is based on smb4php class (,
made by Victor M. Varela (vmvarela [funny thing]


Currently basic features are implemented.

  • Multiple samba server support
  • File listing, moving along directories
  • Text and Image file preview
  • Download, Upload, Rename, Delete
  • Create directories


  • jquery_update 2 module
  • smb.php relies on smbclient executable. You have to install this on your server.


* Install as usual, see for further information.


You can add/manage/delete samba servers and their options on page "admin/settings/smbexplorer"


after configuration, browse page "smbexplorer". Configured servers available under user profile (user roles applied)

Drupal 6, 7, 8 version
It's not too complicated to create module for newer Drupal versions. Because I don't need that, I haven't done anything for it. Feel free to contact me for development if needed (Yes, It will involve some small donation ;)).

Drupal 7 version
There is, in fact, a drupal 7 version somewhere on my computer. I'm too lazy to find it now, but I made it sometime back. It works. In case you need it, just shout, i'll add it to repository.

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