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Smartqueue Per User

Please download the latest development snapshot.

This project uses Nodequeue's Smartqueue API to provide a nodequeue for each user of one or more specified roles.

This project was originally written by ezra-g as part of the 2008 Google Summer of Code and provides the following functionality in the list below.

The 6.x-2.x branch is a rewrite by daniboy that allow for multiple subqueues per-user.

1) Administrators can specify which user roles automatically receive nodequeues
2) When a user of a specified role is created, a nodequeue corresponding to that user will be created.
3) When a user is deleted, the corresponding nodequeue will be deleted.
- a) The module should prompt and warn the administrator before deleting the nodequeues.
4) Administrators can specify which node types should be available in user nodequeues.
5) An 'edit own user nodequeue' permission will be defined to allow for use cases where users cannot edit their own node queues, such as a list of selected content by a particular user that is maintained internally by website administrators\moderators.
6)The content of the user-nodequeue will display on the user's profile page
- a) The module will define a default view that is utilized on the user profile page
- b) Administrators can specify an alternate view that will control the display of user-nodequeues on user profile pages

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- You must install the latest version of Nodequeue.module
- You must have PHP 5.1.0 or higher to run this module.

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