This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This project uses Nodequeue's Smartqueue API to provide a nodequeue for each organic group, editable by members of that group or the group's administrators. This project was part of the 2008 Google Summer of Code.

Use the dev snapshot release or the latest from CVS HEAD until RC3 is rolled

1) When an OG homepage node is created, a nodequeue that corresponds to that OG homepage node will be created.
2) When an OG homepage node is deleted, the corresponding nodequeue will be deleted
3) Depending on configuration
- a) Members of the Organic Group and site administrators will be able to manipulate the nodequeue for that Organic Group.
- b) Administrators of the Organic Group and site administrators will be able to manipulate that OG's nodequeue.
4) The content of the Organic Group's nodequeue displays in a block defined by a view, provided by this module
- a) Administrators can specify an alternate view that will control the display of OG nodequeues
5) Administrators can specify which node types should be available in OG nodequeues

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- You must install the latest version of Nodequeue.module!
- You must have PHP 5.1.0 or higher to run this module.

Please Note
Subqueue titles contain the title of the organic group node to which
the subqueue is related.
Users with the 'manipulate all queues' or 'manipulate all og queues' permissions
will be able to view all smartqueue_og subqueue titles, and therefore
the node titles of all groups that have a subqueue,
regardless of node access restrictions.

Project Information