This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

SmartCache is a js and css gzip & cache script.
It mantains an updated cache of every js and css file on your site and serves it to browsers supporting http compression.
SmartCache generates Expire Headers too!

SmartCache is a stripped down and polished revision of JSmart, from Ali Farhadi. Kudos to him for developing this script at first.

Note: I'm running Drupal 6, but the module works without issues on 5 (thanks to pedropablo for testing this!). Should work for v4 too.
In fact, it should be totally indipendent from the installed application!

Why use SmartCache versus mod_gzip?

First and foremost: not every server supports mod_gzip. If that is the case, SmartCache is for you.
Even if you have access to mod_gzip, if you cannot configure his caching funcionality or think it's too limited, you could find SmartCache a useful little tool. Or at least, I hope so ;).


1 - Your server must support mod_rewrite to succesfully forward css and js requests to SmartCache script.
2 - You must have access to .htaccess file.
3 - Your php has to support gzencode function (PHP 4+).
That's it.


Refer to the included Readme.txt for extended installation and configuration instructions.

To do

This is the first release of SmartCache, so some large-scale testing is still needed.
Any feedback (either negative or positive) is greatly appreciated and encouraged. Thank you!

I must write an .info file for a serious versioning of the script.

Maybe I should add an automatic compression of css/js files. But, ATM, the best solution in terms of efficiency is to use YUI Compressor by Julien Lecomte and gzip the resultant files. So, this is not a priority. If you want this to be implemented ASAP, open up a request.

I should probably make a drupal configuration interface, but hardcoded values are much more efficient (K.I.S.S.!).

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