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Provides a visually-lean time widget for use with text fields, e.g., when you need to collect something like "6:45pm". It let's users type the time, but provides subtle corrections and expansions, check out demo to see more.

If you have a dependency on this module and you need a Drupal 8 version, please let me know by commenting on (or creating) the issue called “Drupal 8 Port”. I will prioritize those modules that have the most votes for Drupal 8 first over others.

You need this module if...

You would prefer to have a simple, textfield-based time widget that will handle the formatting of am/pm automatically and provide unobtrusive validation of time strings. If you have exhausted your search for a time widget and come up empty-handed, your search may be over, check out this live demo.


This module is a Drupal wrapper for the Slim Time jQuery plugin, which can be downloaded here.

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