This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module integrates SlideShowPro with the Image module and Views.

You can create a view from your images and show it in a Flash slideshow. You can embed the slideshow with a simple filter [ssp|path/to/slideshow].

This screencast shows the module in action:

Using this module with CCK/imagefield requires overriding a theming function.

Note that you need Macromedia Flash and the SlideShowPro Flash component in order to run this module.

Drupal 5

  • Multiple SSP swfs: You may now specify the path to your ssp file in the filter tag. Ex: [ssp|path/to/slideshow|path-to-ssp=modules/slideshowpro/ssp2.swf]
  • Permalinks: Images may now be linked via a CCK Link field. Simply add a link field to your image content-type and ssp will check to see if the image should be linked.

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