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Slide Show CS is a module which provides a block with a fancy slide show effect.

The module uses jQuery plugin Cross-Slide (

Several parameters can be customized such as the images to display, zooming, position, transition...

Currently, the order of the slideshow is given by the alphabetical name of the file. (Thus it is recommended you name the files 01_somethinhere.png, 02_somethinhere.png...etc)

The image formats supported are the same supported by drupal core.


To make it work, just upload the images in a server folder (with public access permission, and should be a good idea to store them in the files/slideshowcs path, default filesystem).

Then, go to and set the number of blocks you want to show.

Then, go to block settings and configure each block. You will find for each one a text area for the folder of the images you wan to display.

Once the folder is set properly, they should appear the images you have in it like the screenshot.

You can also tweak the height of the block (which will expand to the width of the div you are embedding it)

Fade parameter indicates the duration of the transition between pictures.

If you do not want all the images to do the slideshow, just uncheck the "enable" checkbox.

Then you can tweak the rest of the parameters:

  • X refers to the initial position, in percentage.
  • Y refers to the final position.
  • Zoom is the size of the shown picture relatively to its original size. Write the number in the format: 1.4 (decimal number with "." for floating point.
  • Time is how long the picture is displayed (in seconds)

Once you have configured these parameters, you can go to admin/build/block and select "Slideshow CS block" to put on the region you want.

Example: screenshot


If you have problems with the images not being displayed, try to insert "/" at the beginning of the path, and save it again. Then, the path should be parsed ok now.

Remeber to set the correct permission in the user permission page to let the users access the content without being registered.

  • Set correctly permission to access SlideshowCs
  • Remember to disable Cache for Blocks if the SlideShow in present only in particular part of the site (With latest version should not be necessary)

If you still do not see the pictures, report an issue posting the javascript chunk in the <head> section which says "jQuery.extend(Drupal.settings,......"


It works also even if you do not have Clean URLs enabled.

Version 2

Adds the possiblity to add several slideshow blocks with independent configurations.

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