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Slider screenshot

Slider module creates an effect called the "Coda slider", which was made famous by the site:

In this Drupal implementation, each panel of the slider is an individual node. You can have any node you like appear as slides within the slider.


This module was originally created with the intention of displaying a fixed set of content. We use it in situations where a client has a few pages of static content that are related and form a slideshow.

Usage for version 1

  1. Create a new CCK type, called "slider" or whatever you prefer. This node type will be the parent, and you will create one for every slider on your site. It is not used as an individual slide in the slider. Any node type can become an individual slide.
  2. Add a nodereference field to the CCK type, called "field_slider_content" (you have to use this name).
  3. Make sure the field has "multiple values" ticked.
  4. Allow the nodereference field to reference whatever type of content you wish to appear as slides. If you want story nodes to appear in the slider, then make sure that "field_slider_content" can reference story nodes.
  5. On the slider settings page (admin/settings/slider), you will see a list of content types that have a field "field_slider_content". Tick those that you want to turn into sliders.
  6. Create a new slider node, and in the multi-select box, choose which individual nodes should appear as slides.

That's it. The module will automatically remove the field from the node display, and put a slider in it's place.


There is a preprocess() function and template file for control over the HTML output. You can modify or override the included CSS or jQuery code, to change delays, size, etc.


The jQuery code in slider.js was created by Remy Sharp and is explained in detail on his blog at:

Version 2

Version 2 is a complete rewrite of the Slider, ignoring backwards compatibility. If you want to help test, please see the instructions in the README.txt of the version 2 package. Never use -dev releases on your sites unless you are a developer!

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