The Slidebox module provides a JavaScript-based "Slidebox" - a box which provides a link to the next page in a sequence, which slides out when the user reaches the bottom of the current post.

A screenshot of Slidebox in action!

This feature is common in many websites, but is most recognisable in the New York Times website.

This module is undergoing active development - if you have any suggestions, please create an issue!

2.x Update

The 2.x branch requires the Regions module. Slidebox now creates a region that you can drop blocks, panes, views, etc. in as you wish. The goal is to be as flexible as possible.

Currently, the 7.x-1.x branch does not work with Panels, Display Suite, and presumably any other similar display management module. This should be fixed in version 2 - see #1372260: Let's make this more of an API and #1153274: Make Slidebox work properly with Panels.


  • This module is sponsored by VMdoh.

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