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The SlashMaps for MapBox module allows you to integrate MapBox's fast and flexible map hosting into your Drupal site. The module creates a /maps page listing all the maps from your MapBox account with a thumbnail preview. Each map page includes a pre-generated embedded map. The module is a one step install and provides the everything you need to fully integrate maps from MapBox into your site. The module was sponsored by the FCC as part of its website redesign.

What does it do?

The module will import maps hosted on MapBox into a ‘map’ content type on your site. You can use the ‘map’ nodes just like any other content in Drupal. In addition to providing a path so users can view the published maps and a thumbnail preview, it will also create a new node variable that contains the embed code for the node.

Configuration Options

Global Configuration

Settings are found at /admin/settings/slashmaps. The options that are configurable are the MapBox Account ID, MapBox API Base URL and an "include link to Tilestream" option. You can get these values from your MapBox account page, and the MapBox documentation respectively.

How it works

A cron job runs that will pull each map hosted on MapBox into Drupal. All maps are published automatically using the meta-data from the MapBox API. Each map is inserted as a node. If a map is removed from MapBox, the equivalent Drupal node is unpublished.

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