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This module implements some of the features of Slashdot moderation and commenting system.

The main benefits it's to have a self-moderating community where most relevant comments are highlighted.

The module:

  • Provides Slashdot moderation system (troll, interesting, insightful, funny, etc).
  • Displays each comment Slashdot-style.
  • Hides comments below threshold. Hidden comments can be uncollapsed by a click.
  • Allow fast AJAX moderation.
  • Assign karma to user based on score received by their comments.
  • Give a lower/higher score to comments according to the karma of the user who posted them.
  • Offers basic settings to control who can moderate comments.
  • Exports moderation information to Views.
  • It works with Advanced Forum allowing slashdot moderations on discussion boards
  • .

The development version (still under test) provides:

  • Integration with Advanced Forum 2.0
  • Faster comment loading.
  • Improvement in the rating/karma algorithm.
  • Moderation points to limit how many comments each user can moderate daily.
  • Customizable ratings: score, position and description can be modifier through the settings page.
  • Lots of new settings to determine how the module should work.
  • Bug fixing.

In progress and to be included in the next stable release:

  • View integration (actually broken).
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