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This theme is a port from a design found on the CSS Zen Garden site. The design was originally conceived by Axel Hebenstreit who kindly granted his permission for this theme to be used by the Drupal community. If you'd like to thank him personally (recommended) then please drop him a line.

The port to Drupal was done by Ekendra Dasa.

Skyroots is a 2-column fixed width design using only CSS and images (ie-no tables).

It comes with the template files so that you can customize the images, hence the nearly 1MB download.

This has only been tested on Drupal 6.0.

****** NOTE: Until I figure out how to work this CVS thing you'll need to download this theme here. ******

Please ignore the download links below. The CVS isn't up to date and that version has a bug in it. If anyone wants to help me update the CVS for this module then please leave a feature request or contact me.


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